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About Máire Ní Cheallaigh

Máire Ní Cheallaigh is an Irish teacher who has spent years teaching the language. She taught in a school in the north side of Dublin first and then she moved to the Institute of Education in the city centre. She has a particular interest in debates and she spent more than 20 years preparing students to take part in Gael Linn debates.

In Maire's latest book, she to show that the essays are not to be feared. With a clear strategy and relevant vocabulary, you will be able to tackle the essay in the Leaving Certificate. Some essay titles can be intimidating but remember candidates have only to write one essay. 

In this book we cover the main topics with sample essays and relevant vocabulary along with hints on how to tackle the essay in the examination hall. 


Part 2 contains words that you will need for the Aural. You don’t have to learn them. Just recognise them. The Aural needs practice. The vocabulary here should help you.

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Vital Leaving Certificate Guide - Irish Paper 1 (Higher Level)
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