"A Little Bit of..."

All the 'A Little Bit Of' series is now available in one book to buy. It covers Unit 1 & Unit 2 of the Leaving Cert Religious Education Syllabus, and includes a coursework write-up guide.

They are the most up to date books available to Leaving Cert Religion students & teachers in Ireland,  covering all the outcomes for learning in the syllabus and include relevant past paper questions for each topic.

NOTE FOR BUYING MULTIPLE BOOKS: The individual books are still available to purchase on their own or in the multipack format below. Two books from the series cost €25 and three for €35. Use codes MULTIPACK2 and MULTIPACK3 respectively for these discounts, up to 6 books. This discount will also work for multiple copies of the same book. To purchase more than six books with the discount, please contact support.

This discount only applies for books with the 'multipack eligible' label.