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About Clodagh Havel

Clodagh Havel is an English teacher at the Institute of Education, Dublin with over 20 years of experience teaching the subject. She has also worked with the State Exam Commission, correcting both Junior and Leaving Cert English. This gives Clodagh a unique insight into Leaving Cert English.

The comparative question on English paper 2 is worth 17.5% of a student's overall grade for the subject. It is therefore vital that one understands what is expected. 


Clodagh Havel has developed this book to give insight and understanding of how to succeed in the Comparative Question using her years of experience of teaching and correcting Leaving Cert English. This short book with its interactive clips from the author is the perfect way to prepare of this question in the Leaving Cert English paper 2 and a vital guide to maximising your grade.

Within this book is the workbook section, which allows you to fill in your texts for your comparative topic, giving you the structure and guidance you need to effectively complete your comparative question. Also included are ten short clips embedded inside the book via QR codes and internal links. In these videos, Clodagh walks you through the comparative question and covers all topics including the Theme and Issue, Cultural Context, as well as General Vision and Viewpoint question.

Vital Leaving Cert Guidebook_English Comparative Question B.png
Vital Leaving Certificate Guide - English: Comparative Question
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