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About Sandra Cleary

Sandra's latest book includes access to the her 2023 paper walkthrough, outlining her techniques to get an elusive H1. Also included are her handwritten notes on the 2023 paper, as well as a video series of her 2023 paper walkthrough.

Sandra Cleary is a legend in the Home Economics teaching space. Sandra has been teaching Home Economics at the Institute of Education for 33 years and has taught Home Economics for 35 years.

Sandra has been a regular contributor to radio programmes for many years, providing valuable advice to students in preparation for their Home Economics Leaving Certificate exam. Sandra also wrote the 'Exambrief' on Home Economics for the Irish Independent for over a decade.

Sandra is incredibly well-versed in the course syllabus and understands it better than anyone else. For this reason, Sandra has written 'A Little Bit of Home Economics' teaching students about her techniques to achieve the hidden marks inside the exam.

With the 'Five Point Plan' and much more, Sandra has written a must-have for both students and teachers of Home Economics.

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A Little Bit of Home Economics - How to Maximise Your Grade
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