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About Brian Scully

Brian Scully is a teacher of Mathematics at the Institute of Education, Dublin and has over 20 years experience of teaching the subject. He has also several years experience of experience as a Leaving Cert examiner. As a result, Brian has a unique insight into the subject and how it is assessed.

Higher level Maths with its 25 extra points is an important subject in the Leaving Cert. One of the most problematic aspects is Probability and Statistics. Therefore, Brian has developed a successful method of how to teach both of these topics. 


This tried and tested process, along with clips of Brian giving advice and going through sample questions is a vital way to get to grips with Probability and Statistics. Thus, guaranteeing that extra 25 points in the Leaving Cert.

This textbook grants access to a full walkthrough video course, providing nearly 1.5 hours of tuition from Brian Scully. The book is littered with QR codes that take you to videos of Brian discussing the most challenging topics of the book and walking you through the toughest sample questions, to fully fortify your understanding of the topics included. 

Vital Leaving Cert Guidebook-11 (1).png
Vital Leaving Certificate Guide - HL Maths: Probability & Statistics
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